HINO 300 Dutro

TruckMicro Bus

Hino 300 Dutro comes with the more powerful and more economical new engine with turbocharger and intercooler.
The new transmission delivers greater performance for better durability.
The interchangeable spare parts between Dutro models make easier and less expensive maintenance.
With reclining seat, driver can adjust for the most comfortable driving position, particularly for long distance trip. The Dutro Series are also available as bus chassis.

HINO 500 Ranger

FG-Series FL-Series FM-Series Tractor Head

SUPER RANGER E2 & JUMBO RANGER E2 - Hino™s success as the market leader in the Category 3 Commercial Vehicle market for 7 consecutive years has proven the quality and dependable after sales service.
The new engine with turbo intercooler gives more power and yet thrifty. Power shift transmission makes easier and smoother shifting.

SG260J 4x2 Tractor Head, and FM320P 6x4 Tractor Head Trailer come with coupler, trailer connector, working rear light, and trailer brake as standard equipments. 9-speed transmission provides the SG260J and FM320P great performance in many operation conditions.